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History of Ajmal Perfumes: In 1950, Ajmal Ali (the Founder of Ajmal Perfumes) left his homeland North-eastern India to take a trip to India's commercial capital, Bombay (Mumbai) and turned as a dealer of Dahn Al Oudh and Agarwood, procured from his town of Assam.

In the following year, 1951, Ajmal Ali started blending various sorts of fragrance oils, became the manufacturer of aromas and emerges as the leading supplier of fragrances to the Middle East region. In 1964, Ajmal included his family name towards the product range.

In 1976, Ajmal Ali moved the company’s businesses to the Middle East and launched the very first Ajmal store in Dubai. In 1979, Ajmal launched enourmous afforestation program in its Agarwood plantations in Assam.

At present, one million trees have been acquired under this program, which will benefit the entire industry by maintaining a steady supply of high quality Oudh over the forthcoming years.
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