Return Policy

If you get wrong product(s) by any chance, you can return the product. If you would like to return wrong product from your order simply send the unopened product back to the address below in its original sealed packaging. You can expect a refund within one billing cycle. However, if you don’t like the smell, we will not accept return or refund. We encourage our buyers to take our available decant(s) first before purchasing full bottle to avoid such circumstances.

Please note, we always prefer our clients to call us first to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion. Here are our contact numbers again: 01511664422, 01519664422. However, in case of return, you should not tear the cellophane. Some products don’t come with cellophane, we know that. But if any product contains cellophane, you should not tear or open the box in any case (wrong product received scenario).

All returns must be done by you within 24 hours (after you receive our products). You will bear the product return shipping charge. Returns
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