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Guy Laroche established the company that possesses his name. Born in 1921, Guy Laroche started his profession as a hat-maker but shifted to fashion when he became the associate to couturier Jean Desses. Laroche moved to the United States in 1955 to learn new production methods for ready-to-wear clothing and came back to Paris in 1957 to start his own brand.

The brand achieved instant success with its vibrant-colored luxurious fashion with falling necks and backlines. The designs were liked for their functionality and wearability, and Laroche was one of the first designers to launch separates to the American market. Laroche started offering men's clothing in 1966.

The company's first entrance into fragrances started with renowned Fidji for women, in 1966. The first men's perfume from Guy Laroche was 1972's Drakkar, which was afterward eclipsed by its more victorious flanker, Drakkar Noir, in 1982.

Guy Laroche died in 1989, but the fashion house and perfumes live on in the 21st century. The company offers perfumes in a venture with L'Oreal.

Guy Laroche has 12 perfumes. The first edition was launched in 1966 and the most recent is from 2014. Guy Laroche perfumes were produced in a venture with perfumers Josephine Catapano, Daniel Moliere, Pierre Wargnye, Michel Girard, Max Gavarry and Alain Astori.
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