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In 1884, Sotirios Voulgaris founded Bvlgari which is now one of the best Italian luxury goods house in the world. This company named after the founder's last name, and instead of letter "U", the letter "V" was used which is a Latin classical alphabet character pronounced like "U".

The company's leading store was launched in 1905 with the help of his sons, in "Via Condotti", and it quickly turned out to be famous and successful. The 1st global stores were launched in 1970 in Paris, New York, Monte Carlo and Geneve. Bvlgari had their personal sales stores (showrooms) in the Pierre Hotel in New York for a long time, and now they have almost three hundred outlets worldwide.

In the beginning, Bvlgari was famous for its glorious jewelry; the brand has extended its products to include handbags, watches, hotels, accessories and fragrances. The 1st fragrance provided by the brand was Eau Parfumée Au Thé Vert in 1992.
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