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In 1910, Gabrielle Chanel (dearly named 'Coco' by her friends) founded Chanel S.A. which turns out to be one of the best fashion houses in the world. Chanel made a real revolution in the fashion industry with her ordinary, stylish fashions of eternal attraction. She was one of the 1st designers to release pants for women, and is extensively acknowledged as the inventor of fashion staple "the little black dress". Until her death in 1971, Ms. Chanel managed innovative command of this design company. In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld got the leadership as the chief designer.

Chanel made a similar kind of revolution in the world of fragrance with its first perfume, the legendary Chanel N°5, 1st launched in 1921. This perfume has been a global bestseller, maintaining the stylish appeal with innovative and inspiring advertising and also celebrity endorsements. Chanel N°5 and lots of the house's earliest enduring perfumes were developed by famous perfumer Ernest Beaux. From 1978, Jacques Polge has been the in-house perfumer for Chanel. Chanel is an old fragrance house. The very first edition was launched in 1920 and the latest is launched in 2017.
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