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Christian Dior was a renowned fashion designer born in France and showed his ability to importance in the fashion world with the conception of the "New Look"— voluminous clothes that highlighted a woman's shapely feminine form.

Dior's fashion history involved working for or along with other popular fashion (and fragrance) legends of the mid 20th century. In 1947, Dior launched the "New Look". It represented a revolutionary departure from the ordinary, fabric-preserving designs of World War two and was massively important in women's fashion, also helping to re-build Paris as a fashion capital of the whole world.

The house of Christian Dior released fragrances to adjust its new fashions, introducing company Parfums Dior and its 1st perfume in 1947: Miss Dior, titled for the designer's sister Catherine.

Christian Dior died in 1957, but still, the fashion and fragrance houses that keep his name alive. The Dior brand name is known worldwide for its expensive and fashionable clothes collections, cosmetics, glamorous ready-to-wear fashions, and perfumes. Nowadays, Dior is also the main holding company of multi-national deluxe goods giant LVMH.

Christian Dior is an old fragrance house. The very first edition was introduced in 1947 and the latest is in 2017.
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