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In 1968, Estee Lauder founded Clinique which is now one of the best cosmetics brands in the world. Encouraged by an article of Vogue magazine where a skin specialist talked about the value of skin care, Evelyn Lauder discussed the article with her mother-in-law, Estee, and also communicated with the beauty editor and the skin specialist who took part in the article. In August 1968 the Clinique collection was manufactured with their input and made its first appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue.

The company's items were the 1st cosmetics line to be allergic reaction tested and driven by the dermatologist. Nowadays, the goods are 100% fragrance-free. All goods in the product line proceed through comprehensive testing are held to accurate standards concerning allergic reactions.

"Clinique" is a French word which means "clinical" in English and the dermatological and clinical impression of the brand is more improved by the signature white laboratory coats worn by its product sales associates. Clinique's strategy is centered on the hygiene and cleanliness of the skin, and its three-step skincare techniques for different types of skin are one of its most significant beauty products.

Clinique also offers cosmetics and perfumes as part of its collection. The 1st Clinique perfume, Aromatics Elixir, was launched in 1971. This exclusive perfume has been a trademark fragrance for multiple generations of women. Regardless of the enduring recognition of Aromatics Elixir, the company's most popular and best-selling fragrance is actually Happy, launched in 1997.

This zesty citrus floral fragrance bounced into the national awareness by using a series of lively television advertisements featuring the Judy Garland track, "Come on Get Happy," which was mentioned to have encouraged its name. In the late 20th century, this name, the advertisements and the perfume hit a chord with American women. Bottles sold very rapidly as the perfume's appeal soared, and Happy would eventually create a men's version and a series of flankers. The very first edition of Clinique was launched in 1971 and the latest is from this year 2017.Getting Happy," which was mentioned to have encouraged its name.
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