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In 1910, Florence Nightingale Graham established the brand "Elizabeth Arden". This is an American cosmetics, skincare and fragrance company. Graham chose Elizabeth Arden as her professional career name which is also the name of her company. The company's preliminary concentration was on cosmetics and skincare, and they launched the 1st Red Door spa in Manhattan, shortly extending to major cities across the world as their empire expanded.

Elizabeth Arden was a pioneer in the area of women's cosmetics, launching eye makeup products to American women and makes a lead-in position in "makeover". The company's 1st perfume was Blue Grass, launched in 1934.

The company consistently create skincare and cosmetics but has transformed its concentration to fragrances, providing a long list of fragrances under its own brand name, as well as fragrances under the brand names of celebrities and designers. Lots of Red Door spas still operate today, and also the company paid tribute to this crucial part of its history with the launch of Red Door perfume in 1989.

Elizabeth Arden is a familiar and old fragrance house. The very first edition was launched in 1936 and the latest is from 2017.
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