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Thierry Hermes launched a French luxury goods house named "Hermès" in 1837. Initially concentrated on equestrian fashion accessories and later the company has created leather handbags, accessories, scarves, fashion designs, and fragrance.

For Hermès, the fragrance adventure starts in 1951 with Eau d’Hermès, made up by Edmond Roudnitska, one of the legendary innovative spirits of the world of perfumes.

10 years later, the beginning of Calèche, the company’s 1st women’s perfume, confirmed the participation of Hermès in the art of perfume production. Since then, each fragrance signed by the big names of perfume design. Then in 2004, the appearance of Jean-Claude Ellena shows up as the in-house perfumer for Hermès, it was an important step for them. As an artist of olfactory feeling, an aesthete who goes beyond range and material, he provides Hermès' feeling of expertise and craftsmanship.

The collaboration between Émile Hermès (grandson of founder Thierry Hermès) and Edmond Roudnitska created Eau d’Hermès, which is still one of the precious victories of French perfumery.

In 2003, the latest collaboration with Jean-Claude Ellena was embodied in the production of Un Jardin en Méditerranée, then in 2004, with his formal appointment as specialized perfumer of the Hermes house. Ever since then, the deep attraction that has been founded by the fragrance designer and Hermès has carried on to bear fruit, as if verifying the crucial rightness of their mutual participation. Jean-Claude Ellena is both successor and maker of a genealogy now organized into 4 regions of olfactive appearance: the Colognes, the Novel-Perfumes, the Garden-fragrances, and the Hermessence lineup.

Hermes is a popular and old fragrance house. The very first edition was launched in 1951 and the latest is from 2017.
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