All Jaguar perfumes can be found in this section.

In 1922, Sir William Lyons founded the company as a maker of motorbike sidecars. The initial company name was Swallow Sidecar Company. Just after the World War 2 the name of the company was eventually altered to Jaguar. Jaguar was sold to the Indian company Tata Motors In 2008.

In 1988, Jaguar introduced their 1st perfume for men. "Jaguar for men" includes notes of mandarin orange, lavender, orange, green notes, grapefruit, cassia, anise, basil.

Following that they launched Miss Jaguar, a floral perfume for women in 1993. It was the 1st perfume for women of the warehouse of Jaguar. After that, Jaguar Marc II, a fragrance for men, was introduced in 1995. Demonstration of another perfume for women introduced in 1998. Basically, Jaguar is a floral mixture with popular notes of warm vanilla and flowers. Jaguar, another perfume for men, was introduced in 2002. It includes spicy, cirussy and aromatic notes. Jaguar Performance became available for sale at the shops the same year. In 2004 the flowery and fruity perfume "Jaguar Women" was introduced. It contains popular accords of peach, jasmine, mandarin orange, amber, spices, orris root, and pepper. Since then more perfumes have been introduced from Jaguar house.

The very first edition was launched in 1988 and the latest is from 2016.
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