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In 1983, a famous American designer David Chu founded furnishings and apparel brand Nautica. Since then they Increasing their collection from a menswear products to children's outfits, involve women's wear and accessories, household products, and furniture, the company has merged into an American lifestyle company that presents the importance of the sporting, adventurous and exciting American way of living.

Nautica had taken their brand name from the Latin term Nauticus, the meaning of this word is "ship." The unique logo of this company consists of a billowing spinnaker, a kind of light-weight sail designed particularly for sailing off the blowing wind from an achieving course to a downwind. Lots of the company's items named after a nautical or outdoorsy pattern, with stripes and oceanic titles and repeated application of the color blue. Promoting campaigns for Nautica are frequently filmed aboard ships, boats or at the coast side.

Nautica sold their company in 1984 to New York clothing company State-O-Main. Later then they implemented the Nautica title as their business identity. In 2003, an American apparel company VF Corporation that has specialized in branded clothing bought the Nautica brand.

Nautica associated with Coty to provide perfumes for both men and women. The 1st perfume, Nautica cologne for men, was introduced in 1992. Lots of the perfumes are colored blue (or colored in packaging), decorated with the spinnaker brand logo, and named after an aquatic-inspired name and fragrance.

The very first version was launched in 1992 and the latest is from 2016.
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