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Revlon is an American renowned cosmetics company launched in 1932 at the time of the Great Depression. Charles and Joseph Revson, the two brothers along with chemical scientist Charles Lachman (the "L" in the Revlon brand name represents his name) started the company by providing a single item — a nail polish created using pigments in place of dyes that provided more opaque protection. This item was successfully distributed to drugstores and department stores, and the company experienced fast growth as retailers of manicure equipment. They came up with the addition of lipstick in the cosmetics world to their products in 1940.

Perfumes have long been incorporated in the Revlon products, starting with perfumer Jean Nate in 1935. In 1968, Revlon launched the 1st American designer perfume, Norell, in a relationship with Norman Norell. Revlon's 1973 release of Charlie perfume introduced the 1st fragrance advertisement displaying a woman putting on slacks. The perfume was advertised towards the promising independent woman of the seventies and turned into an immediate best-seller. Revlon effectively promoted a number of iconic women's perfumes in the seventies, such as Enjoli, Ciara and Jontue. Revlon is still one of the world's biggest mass-market cosmetics and perfume manufacturers in the twenty-first century.

Revlon is an old fragrance house. The very first edition was introduced in 1935 and the latest is from 2015.
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