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Thierry Mugler is a French photographer and fashion designer well recognized for his eighties power fashion styles and universally acknowledged with launching a new perfume pattern or category — gourmand — in the nineties.

After learning interior design, Mugler moved to Paris at the age of twenty-four and started working as a freelance designer and window dresser. His 1st personal product for women was created in 1973. Mugler launched his 1st Paris boutique and also introduced a menswear lineup in 1978. His design is recognized by its innovative shapes and fantasy components.

Mugler's 1st perfume, Angel, was launched in 1992 and set the perfume world burning with its unabashed foodie and sweet notes. It brings a huge influence on the fragrance industry of the nineties, with impacts extending into the twenty-first century, Angel is still a best-seller with both men and women, and in 2007 it was honored in the Fifi Awards Hall of Fame.

Mugler's 1st recognized fragrance for men, A*Men, was launched in 1996. Angel and A*Men have encouraged dozens of flankers and Alien, which is another best-seller launched by Mugler in 2005.

Mugler's perfumes are supplied in association with Clarins Fragrance Group. The very first edition was introduced in 1992 and the latest is from 2017.
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