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Before you landed on this page, You might be wondering where to find Tom Ford perfume in Bangladesh? Perhaps, you were searching for Tom Ford Perfume price in Bangladesh. Well, you are at right place. You can check all of our Tom Ford perfumes in this page. If you can't find a perfume, you can contact us on : 01511-664422. We will try to give you a price update. Thomas Carlyle Ford, well known these days as Tom Ford, is an American film director and fashion designer. In the beginning, he trained as an architect at Parsons Institution of Design, Ford spent a year doing work overseas at an internship for famous fashion house Chloé and created an experience for the fashion industry.

Tom Ford came back to the U.S.A and launched the production of his own brand in 2005. The company provides fashions, eyewear, and accessories and is popular for its sexually-charged marketing and advertising. Ford also made a collaboration with Estee Lauder that exact same year, for the improvement of perfumes and cosmetics. Black Orchid (2006) was the 1st perfume created under this alliance, which was an immediate achievement. A series of successful perfumes for both men and women have since been introduced, alongside a prestige product line, Tom Ford Private Blend, whose 1st perfume was Purple Patchouli introduced in 2007.

Ford's profession took an interesting turn in 2009 when he directed his 1st film, "A Single Man," which was well-achieved by critics and viewers and received a number of nominations and awards for the actors and director.

The very first edition was produced in 2006 and the latest is from 2017.
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