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Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is the fashion designer who created the Tommy Hilfiger fragrance and clothing lines. He was born and grown in Elmira, New York; Tommy Hilfiger began his career in the fashion market as a retailer. He launched his 1st boutique known as The People's Place in his town, for which he created the clothing products under the identity of Jacob Alan. The People's Place extended to a small chain of shops before folding in the mid-seventies, prompting Hilfiger's decision to move to New York and giving full-time efforts as a designer. In 1984, he established the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and launched his 1st line of menswear.

A collaboration with musician Beyoncé Knowles which help to create the True Star and True Star Gold perfumes. The True Star Men's perfume was influenced by and featured Ad with music artist Enrique Iglesias.

Hilfiger's perfumes are released in association with Estee LauderEstee Lauder. The 1st fragrance, Tommy for Men, was launched in 1995. It’s a women companion, Tommy Girl, was introduced in 1996. Both fragrances are best-sellers and have prompted a long series of flankers. Perfumes are still a crucial part of the Tommy Hilfiger brand. Other perfumes, many of which capitalize on the brand's "preppy" and "Americana" organizations, have since been launched.

The very first edition was introduced in 1995 and the latest is from 2017.
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