All Versace perfumes can be found in this section.

Versace is an Italian fashion house established by the late Gianni Versace and carried on by other family members of the Versace after his passing. In 1978, introducing a product line of women's wear which brings the company an immediate success. A men's product line and the company's 1st boutique in Milan followed in that exact same year. Gianni Versace selected the Medusa icon as his business's logo. The company's glamorous clothing and accessories are recognized by impacts starting from pop art to ancient Greek and Roman design architecture.

Along with clothing and accessories, this brand also features a hotel called the Palazzo Versace. Versace Couture is the main product line of the house and contains the perfume division.

The 1st Versace perfume, Gianni Versace for Women, was launched in 1981. Perfumes for men and women are provided with the Versace, Versus, Jeans Couture and Jean's tags. Versace perfumes are released in association with Euroitalia SRL.

The very first edition was introduced in 1981 and the latest is from 2016.
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