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Hello Dear BPIB Buyers and Viewers, it’s our great pleasure to announce that we have brought following perfumes for you! And guess what, they are available at most affordable prices! Many of you already asked about these perfumes and we have delivered them as custom order. Now we are happy to say that, we will keep these perfumes in our stock regularly, hopefully.

Paco Rabanne Black XS 100ml EDT for Men

Paco-Rabanne-Black-XS-MenPaco Rabanne Black XS is an aromatic and sharp perfume introduced in 2005 by the house of Paco Rabanne. It gives off a sugary and hot aroma with a flavor of lime and sage. It has central notes of black cardamom, tolu balsam, praline and cinnamon. The finishing occurs with traces of patchouli, black amber and Brazilian rosewood.

Nishane Sultan Vetiver 50ml EDP for Men & Women


Nishane Sultan Vetiver is a widely used perfume produced by Nishane for unisex which was released in the year 2014. It gives off a green-woody vibe. The sillage is greater than average and also last longer than average. It’s production continues as on 23rd June 2019.


Viva La Juicy Rose by Juicy Couture 100ml EDP for Women



Make your life glow a little brighter with the thrilling and flirtatious Viva La Juicy Rose, an enchanting scent for women. It gives off a magical potion which combines with a citrusy, earthy and floral flavors for a woman that surely please every crowd at every party you attend. The presence of Williams white pear, zesty Italian mandarin orange and jasmine petals causes the scent tobe explode with a dazzling ambiance, giving everyone the chills right away. At the same time central notes of Sambac jasmine, fresh white peony er centifolia rose uplift the mixture further. Base notes of ambroxan, benzoin and orris absolute give the finishing of the perfume for a delicate relaxation which is bewildering to any nearby individual.


 Parfums De Marly Oajan 125ml EDP for Men


Parfums de Marly Oajan Royal Essence is a spicy and at the same time comforting perfume for men. This lovely, strong fragrance has good lasting capability with great sillage to provide you an extremely comfortable atmosphere anywhere you go. The outer notes are honey, cinnamon and osmanthus. The central notes are artemisia,ambergris, benzoin and labdanum. The inner notes are vanilla, tonka bean and earthy musk.


Orto Parisi Bergamask Parfum for Men & Women


Bergamask Perfume by Orto Parisi, comes in a clear glass bottle, Bergamask by Netherlandic fragrance brand Orto Parisi is a rare, striking flowery fragrance for both genders. As suggested by its name, the spine of this minimal perfume has trails of distinctly animalic musk accords and bergamot oil. It opens with a sharp, sensual dose of bergamot, with intricacies of healthy fruit and herbal elements combined with it. As the scent diminishes, tiny magical discharges of honey and jasmine take place, and the intense undercurrent of dark flavors develop to its maximum degree. This produces a rare irresistible finishing of the flavors with high longevity.


Parfums de Marly Herod EDP for Men 125ML


Herod Cologne by Parfums De Marly, Herod is a cologne meant for men of sophisticated taste. It is a highly unique scent which surely leaves an enduring impact. It has cinnamon and pepper wood as top notes with a shot of fresh, zestful spice they open the scent. Tobacco leaf, labdanum and osmanthus make up the heart notes. They combine healthy, smoky and fruity fragrances making up a complex middle. Vanilla, cedar, musk and vetiver make up the base notes. They give off an attractive note of intense sweetness. The cologne mirrors great self-esteem.

That’s all for today! Last week we have introduced these six perfumes for you. Please register in our website: so you can get notification before anyone else about our forthcoming perfumes!



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