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Yves Saint Laurent commonly known as YSL is the French fashion design house established by Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent.

Laurent's professional career in fashion started at the sensitive age of 17 when he worked as an assistant to Christian Dior. But four years later, when Dior died Laurent was referred to as Chief of the Dior house at just twenty-one years of age. Laurent began his own fashion company and continued to become one of the most inspirational fashion designers of the sixties and seventies.

Cosmetics and fragrances have long been incorporated into the designer's products. The house's 1st perfume, Y for women, was introduced in 1964. Y and some other releases by YSL, such as Rive Gauche (1970), men's scent Kourous (1981), Opium (1977) and Paris (1983) have turned out to be modern classics of the fragrance world and continue to be the best-sellers. The company remains to make new enthusiasts with modern launches such as Baby Doll (2000), La Nuit de l'Homme releases in 2009 and Elle (2007). YSL provides perfumes in association with L'Oreal Group.

The very first edition was introduced in 1964 and the latest is from 2017.
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